Sir Vince Cable and Baron Kenneth Baker back AFFE’s plan to keep Britain working.

More senior political figures, including a former Liberal Democrat leader and a former member of Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet, have endorsed the Alliance for Full Employment and its economic vaccination plan to protect millions of jobs from looming catastrophe. 

Sir Vince Cable, who led the Lib Dems before entering Coalition government with the Tories in 2010 has written to AFFE co-founder Gordon Brown and pledged to help “in any way that is useful”.

And former Tory Party Chairman, Baron Kenneth Baker of Dorking, who served as Education Secretary from 1986-89 and became Home Secretary under Prime Minister John Major, has also asked for his support for AFFE to be made public.

Former MPs, MEPs, think tanks, charities and individuals are joining trades unions, labour council leaders, and 2000 Labour councillors  from across the nations regions and isles of Britain who are now supporting  AFFE, launched last month by former PM Gordon Brown, Welsh FM Mark Drakeford and the Labour Metro Mayors of England’s major city regions.   

Cross party support for AFFE’s economic proposals to  protect Britain from the of scourge mass unemployment is surging following the supportive intervention by 20 faith leaders at the weekend and a call from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welsby, for the cause of full employment to be seen “above party politics” and as “a moral concern” for us all.  

And Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg also encouraged support for the AFFE aspiration of fulfilling work for all on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme’s iconic “Thought for The Day” feature on Wednesday.

Sir Vince also used his Independent newspaper column this week to tell Chancellor Sunk to find out about the alliance’s economic and infrastructure plans from two of our co-founders

“I suggest Rishi telephones Gordon Brown who has re-entered the fray with a call-to-arms and a list of sensible suggestion,” he wrote. “And he should mobilise some good public investment projects, which the Treasury hates, but the economy needs and can be identified with help from activist mayors like Mr Burnham and local councils in “left behind” areas.” 

Baron Baker is a well-respected campaigner for technical and skilled training for school leavers and a driving force behind England’s suite of 48 Universal Technical Colleges. In a private letter to Mr Brown, he has asked for his support to be made public. “Please quote me as a supporter.”   

Welcoming the growing cross-party support, Gordon Brown said:

“Leadership is about bringing people together and I am grateful to my former parliamentary colleagues Vince Cable and Kenneth Baker for their public support and for their encouragement of others to engage with AFFE’s well-supported policies that will lead to employment, job creation and give hope to our younger generation that they will not become recession fodder. 

“Even now, as we search for a covid vaccine we do have an economic vaccination programme that can stop the spread of road unemployment. It is not too late for the government to adopt new policies that can keep all regions and all nations of Britain working.”


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