Leading Economist Robert Skidelsky joins AFFE call for a Youth Job & Training Guarantee Scheme

One of the world’s most renowned and influential economists and philosophers, Robert Skidelsky, has given his backing to the Alliance of Full Employment’s call on the government to fully fund a youth job guarantee scheme. 

Lord Skidelsky, a crossbench peer, a fellow of the Royal Academy and celebrated biographer of John Maynard Keynes is a keen advocate of public sector job guarantee scheme. 

In a public endorsement published on the AFFE website today, Lord Skidelsky writes:

“I strongly support the call of the Alliance for Full Employment for a guaranteed mix of job and/or training placements for all those between 16 and 24 not in work or full-time education.

“This is a matter of great urgency, given fading hopes for a V-shaped recovery, and forecasts of a wave of job losses in the coming year which will leave almost one million young people exposed to unemployment.

“Of particular value is Professor Paul Gregg’s proposal to integrate and scale-up partial current search and training schemes into a six-month guarantee of paid activity for one million young people, whether through the private, voluntary, or public sectors.

“The government should provide national funding for the guarantee, leaving the choice of placements as far as possible to local initiative and decision. Above all, it is essential to preserve routes into permanent activity for the young people whose lives, together with the community’s prospects for the future, would otherwise risk being permanently scarred.”

Welcoming his support AFFE co-founder and former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown said:

“Having the power of Robert’s thought attending our quest to prevent this year’s health pandemic from becoming next year’s mass unemployment catastrophe is very welcome. And we look forward to working with him.”

The Youth Report: A Million Reasons to Act by Professor Gregg was published by AFFE this week.


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