House of Lords Support for Jobs Alliance Grows

Former Unite General Secretary, Tony Woodley says he will prioritise campaigning for the Alliance for Full Employment following his installation in the House of Lords later this month.

Tony, from Wallasey, Merseyside began his working life at 15, as a steward with the Ocean Steam Ship Company. He was taken on at Vauxhall Motor Company, Ellesmere Port, four years later. He still lives on the Wirral.

The opportunity to campaign in the Lords on behalf of the Alliance for Full Employment launched in September by former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown with the Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford and the Metro Mayors of the city regions of Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle and London had influenced his decision to take his place on the red benches.

“The looming return of mass unemployment will be a disaster for every town and city across Britain. I have been impressed by the quick response of Gordon, the Welsh First Minister and Labour’s Metro Mayors to reach out to unions, to businesses, to faith leaders and to political leaders and beyond to form the broadest possible coalition.

“Whilst the scientists try to find a vaccine for Covid-19, I have been particularly influenced by Gordon’s determination and leadership to fight for jobs, particularly for young people.

“There has not been a cause closer to my heart. And If I can help Gordon and the Alliance from within the Lords the I feel I have an obligation to do so.”

Welcoming Tony’s public allegiance, Gordon Brown on behalf of AFFE said:

“I am delighted that Tony Woodley, the House of Lords newest member has vowed to make full employment his priority cause and that he wants to work with and champion the Alliance for Full Employment.

“With his experience as a trade union shop steward and then as the leader of the Transport and General Workers and then Unite for many years, he will bring a new dimension to the work of the Alliance and, as he has always done through his working life, he will speak up for young people, for the unemployed and also  or those in fear of redundancy.”

Tony will join a growing cross bench group of Lords who support the AFFE including, Christine Blower, Katy Clark, Robert Skidelsky, Andrew Adonis, and Kenneth Baker.


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